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Choose the Right Team Building Activity to Boost Your Company’s Performance

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Choose the Right Team Building Activity to Boost Your Company’s Performance

Treating your staff to out-of-work activities is a great way to build team spirit and ensure that everyone in your team is committed to the cause. We don’t all have to emulate Chinese businessman Li Jinyuan, who took over 6,000 employees to France for a team building holiday. Australian managers have plenty of local options that will make your staff more effective and won’t come with a hefty price tag. Here are some ideas for you to think about. Cook up a Gourmet Meal Some team building companies offer expert tuition for team members. This kind of option is a great way to boost their confidence by teaching new skills and helping them to discover new interests — both major positives in terms of staff morale. One of the best skills-based team building activities is cooking. Some elite restaurants offer “Masterchef” style classes for corporate clients which don’t just teach skills, but also include an imaginative competitive element, pitting your workers against each other to create gourmet masterpieces. Get Creative With an Artistic Activity If you don’t think cookery is the way to go, maybe art-based activities can set your team’s creative juices flowing? Professional artists can work with corporate teams to teach painting or sculpture techniques and unleash their inner Leonardo. The inspiration they feel could be the catalyst for great things when they get back to the office. Give Staff an Outdoor Adventure You don’t need to be cooped up inside. One of the classic team building techniques is camping or hiking in the great outdoors. Facing personal challenges like rock climbing, orienteering, obstacle courses, abseiling or bungee jumping can bring the best out of staff members. Outdoor team building experts can also create exciting team challenges to keep everyone motivated. In a country as vast as Australia, with so many beautiful areas to visit, every business should be close to an adventure experience provider. Book an Evening at the Gun Range However, there’s really no need to drive miles into the outback to challenge your staff and give them an evening to remember. Target shooting is a great way to hone your team’s battling instincts. and your neighbourhood almost certainly has a range with targets, clay pigeons, pistol shooting, shotguns and handguns to choose from. Attendees won’t need any previous shooting experience, and they will have (for most of them) a unique chance to enjoy an activity that isn’t available in everyday life. Heading to the shooting range is a good way to encourage the right kind of aggression, and if you work in a team element, it can foster cooperation too. Whatever you choose to do, team building remains an excellent way to improve the performance of your staff. They can learn new skills, get to know each other, find out about their hidden talents and build confidence — all helpful benefits that can make them more effective...

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Tips to Dealing with Damp Problems in Your Basement

Posted by on Jul 12, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Tips to Dealing with Damp Problems in Your Basement

The first step in eliminating damp problems in your basement would be to locate the source of moisture. One will find that some basements may start being damp during the summer months due to the condensation that occurs since the air is warm whereas the walls and soil underneath is cool, However, you could also have these problems due to a leak from cracks in the walls, windows that do not shut properly or just faulty plumbing. Knowing where the water is coming from is the first step to fixing the problem. Here are some tips to dealing with damp problems in your basement. Stop gutter spouts from draining against the walls Check on the gutter spouts that are located near the basement walls. If these gutter spouts are draining against the walls, you will have to have them redirected away. In addition to this, if the land slopes down you may have to have it regraded so that it does not slope towards the foundation. Keep your basement closed and ventilated Close off your basement as often as you can. Doors and especially windows should be shut so as to avoid any warm air from getting into the basement. This helps to prevent condensation from taking place. You should also consider installing a ventilation system that will eliminate moisture from the air. Consider waterproofing through basement tanking Basement tanking simply refers to the process of waterproofing your basement or any other below ground structure that is in your home. There are two main options you can consider when it comes to this process: External systems: As the name suggests, this system is applied to the exterior of the home to prevent water from getting to the basement. It is typically best suited for people who are constructing a new basement altogether. A successful external system will form a waterproof barrier both below the concrete slab of the floor as well as up the vertical surfaces of the walls to create a waterproof enclosure around your basement. This system ensures your building remains dry. The different products that can be used for this include paint, heat welded membranes and so on. Internal systems: This procedure is mostly done on pre-existing basements. There are several techniques that fall under this category such as slurry trowel systems, asphalt based systems and so on. One thing to keep in mind about internal systems is that they need to be well taken care of as any punctures could compromise the entire system....

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How to Remove Stains from Patio Tiles

Posted by on May 13, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How to Remove Stains from Patio Tiles

Have your patio tiles stopped looking attractive because of the stains that have accumulated on their surface? Read on and discover a simple way that you can implement in order to get rid of those stains, and prevent them from developing in future. Step 1: Wash the Patio The stains that you see on the patio tiles are likely to be from mineral deposits that accumulated when rainwater was trapped inside the tiles. The first step to get rid of those stains is to wash the tiles with an acidic solution. Use a mild acid solution that is recommended for use on ceramic tiles. You can buy this product from a convenience store near you. The acidic solution will loosen all those mineral deposits. Step 2: Apply the Grout Stain Removing Solution Mix a solution of water and a grout stain remover that you bought online or from a convenience store in your area. Mix this solution in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a brush or cleaning pad to scrub the stains after pouring on them the stain removing solution that you have just mixed. Use plenty of clean water to rinse off the dirt extracted as you scrub. Step 3: Repeat Step 2 Apply more grout cleaning solution on the stains and scrub them again. Rinse off that dirty water. Repeat this step until you are satisfied that you have removed all the stains from the surface of the patio tiles. Let the tiles dry for several minutes before you embark on the next step. Step 4: Apply the Sealing Compound The previous steps were all aimed at removing the existing stains from the patio tiles. This final step is intended to prevent stains from developing later on. For this step, visit a hardware store near you and buy a tile sealer that is recommended for your specific type of tiles. Read the application instructions carefully and apply the sealer accordingly. Leave the sealer to set for the recommended duration before you can use the patio as a venue for hosting your guests. As you can see, you do not have to replace patio tiles just because they have developed stains on them. You also don’t have to accept the stained appearance of those tiles as a normal part of their aging process. Simply follow the steps above each time you see any stains on those tiles. Your tiles will look as clean as they looked when you had just installed them. Consult tile suppliers for help in case some stains remain after you have followed the stain removal procedure...

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Improving the performance of your employees

Posted by on Apr 13, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Improving the performance of your employees

If you have a small business and a small workforce, it’s extra important that all of your workforce is working at their top capacity. Here are some ways to make sure your workforce operates at peak efficiency.  Coaching the leaders One of the important things for a leader to do in order to maximise team performance is to give everyone feedback. However, many people do not like to give negative feedback and do not know how to frame feedback so that it is useful. A management consultant can be brought in to help leaders in providing useful performance coaching. They can help leaders to give feedback in a way that lets people know what they need to improve and give practical and constructive steps that they can take to improve performance. Timely performance management is an extremely valuable tool in maximising workplace performance  Strong internal policies Even if most of the on-the-job training to newcomers has been provided internally, it can be useful to supplement this with written procedures. This provides consistency in the way that jobs are done and ensures that people have a consistent point of reference in order to know the safest and most efficient way of doing tasks. It can be hard for small business owners to find time to document their processes so it can be useful to get in experienced management consultants to write your policies and workflow documents.  Strategic vision In order to keep your workforce inspired and working as hard as possible, it’s great to let them know what your strategic vision as a company is (beyond increasing profits!). While you are busy dealing with the day to day stresses and time commitments of your business you may not get the time to contemplate the strategic vision of your company. Getting in an external consultant not just to help you clarify your vision and work out the best way to communicate this vision to your staff. You can even involve your staff in helping to draft the vision so that they feel engaged and excited by working hard to achieve that vision.  If you are looking to make sure that your workforce is performing at the highest possible level it can be useful to get in management consultants. They can help you with coaching leaders to become more effective people managers, improving processes and devising and communicating your personalized brand and strategic...

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What to do if you lose the key to your old car

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Losing your car key can create a lot of trouble. You might have to smash a window in just to get the car rolling so that you can tow it, not to mention the cost of replacing the key itself. If you have lost your key completely, and you have a car that is no longer being produced, getting a key so that you can keep driving your car can become a really big problem. However, you shouldn’t lose hope; there are ways to solve the situation you’re in, and that without spending a fortune. Have a new key made If your key is gone, the easiest way to get it back is to get it replaced by a key cutter or a locksmith. You don’t need the original key for them to be able to do that. You do, however, need a VIN number for them to be able to do this. This number tell the key cutting services what model your car is and what type of key you need. You can usually find this number in your car insurance information. If you don’t have that anymore, then examine the car itself. The number is usually written on the dashboard somewhere, or on the front of the engine block. Buy a key If you can’t find the number, or if it’s impossible for key cutting services to do what you ask for, you can try to find a replacement for the car key. Contact the car manufacturer and explain your predicament. It’s possible that they still have keys for the model and year that you’re looking for even if they no longer manufacture the car. You can also look online for people selling car keys from old models. It’s not the easiest way to do it, but collectors usually have keys for sale as well as the cars themselves. Replacing locks If all other solutions fail, there’s always the possibility of getting a new key manufactured. This is, however, a quite expensive solution. It means you will have your locks and the ignition replaced or rekeyed. If the procedure of rekeying isn’t possible, which might be the case with some ignitions, you will also have to pay for repairing locks and ignition. If your car is very old, it might not be worth the hassle. However, if you need your car to keep running, many locksmiths specialised in car locks perform these services and should give you the exact same result like if you were still using your old key. This method is also the only one that ensure that nobody can use your old, lost key and steal your...

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What To Consider When Choosing A 3D Letter Sign For Your Business

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3D lettered business signs are becoming increasingly popular today. They are unique and catchy, which is perfect for an outdoor or indoor sign. If you would like to have of these prepared for you, all you have to do is find a sign writing company with an experience in the field. After that, discuss with them what you want to have in your sign. Below, find some of the considerations you’ll need to make at this stage. Material 3D letter signs can be designed using a number of materials. The most common by far is acrylic plastic. It is light and easy to mould to any desired shape. It’s also resistant to most weather damage. Another material that you can use is stainless steel. It’s also light, strong, and has a shiny appearance. Other options include aluminium, steel, and even timber. Durability and aesthetics should help you narrow down on one for your application.  Sizes The size of your 3D sign will determine how visible it is. Naturally, outdoor signs should be larger than indoor signs. The exact dimensions will depend on the site where it will be installed, proportionality and costs. You should have an idea of the length, width and thickness you want each letter to have. Also note that if your sign will bear more than one word, you can have some words being larger than others depending on where you want the emphasis to lie. Fonts To add some style to your 3D sign, decide on a font. For formal businesses, go with formal fonts that bear little calligraphy. However, for informal businesses, such as barbers, fast food joints or plumbing, you can opt for informal fonts if you wish. Just like with sizes, you can have different fonts on different words to create a more pronounced visual effect. Colours What colour do you want your sign to have? Colour will not only make your signs stand out more, it can be used to showcase your brand identity as well. Also, make sure your sign contrasts well with the background where it will be placed. Acrylic signs are white by default. However, they can be stained to any colour you want. Metallic signs can be painted or powder coated as well.  Illumination Last but not least, consider if you want your signs illuminated. Illumination is made possible by installing small LED lights underneath the letters. Once installed, the light helps to make your signage stand out more. If you want your signs to be visible at night, illumination is vital. If you can’t decide which options to go with, ask your sign writing company (such as Landells Signs) to provide you with some samples of previous work for you to borrow ideas...

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Selecting Suitable Alloy Steels for Fabrication Projects

Posted by on Jan 26, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Selecting Suitable Alloy Steels for Fabrication Projects

Steel is an advantageous material in the manufacturing industry due to its diverse favourable properties. The most beneficial characteristics include hardness, considerably high tensile strength, compressive strength, durability and relatively low costs. In addition, there are different types of steel materials that you can purchase for your pertinent project. The most ideal steel category to consider for fabrication is alloy steel. This group refers to standard carbon steel that has additional metals that improve the performance of the material. Here are the main alloy steels on the market that you should evaluate for your fabrication projects. Stainless Steel Stainless steel is the most well-known alloy steel, and it is ideal for diverse applications. This type of material is manufactured by adding chromium into regular steel. The greatest advantage of choosing stainless steel is that the metal is not vulnerable to oxidation. In simple terms, carbon steel is an alloy of carbon and iron, and the material forms an iron oxide layer when exposed to water and oxygen. This layer is commonly known as rust, and it lowers functional and aesthetic performance of pertinent products. The chromium content will prevent this reaction, ensuring long-term service and resistance to staining and corrosion. Tool Steel If you require raw steel material for fabrication of tooling, it is prudent to select tool steel. This type of metal is characterised by resistance to abrasion, incredible hardness and resistance to deformation when exposed to adverse pressure. There are different materials added to steel to create this type of alloy, but the primary ones include molybdenum, chromium, vanadium and even tungsten. The exact composition of each tool steel grade will depend on the exact desired properties. In general, this alloy is categorised into different groups based on the content of additional materials, and the right choice for your project will depend on aspects like required strength, hardness, abrasion resistance and your budget. The common groupings include shock-resisting, hot-working, cold-working and special purpose, according to the potential application conditions of the tools. Marageing Steel Marageing steel is ideal for manufacturing products that will be exposed to adverse conditions. This desirability can be attributed to the stability of the alloy after fabrication and installation of pertinent commodities. For example, this steel is utilised in building automotive components such as gears and even crankshafts as well as firing pins in guns. The metal will retain its properties when temperatures are elevated. The main alloying elements in the marageing steel are nickel, molybdenum and cobalt, but choose materials with chromium too for corrosion resistance.  Talk to a steel sales company for more information on the types of steel that may benefit your fabrication...

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4 Unique Ways To Stand Out In The Landscaping Business

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Due to increase gardening and landscaping, soil and sand has become to be a very lucrative income-generating venture. However, to offer the best sand and soil supply services, you will need to ensure that your products are of top-notch quality. If you’ve got a soil supply business, then here are amazing ways on how you can uniquely stand out and penetrate the market better. Develop your own super soil This refers to soil that has greater properties than your common soil. Creating super soil may require some scientific research regarding soil properties and compositions that will help you find useful data of improving your soil quality. You may want to have soil specialists assist you with this. However, ensure you do not alter the soil’s properties too much.  For example, you can add some compositions of volcanic loam to your sand soil to improve its crop growing capability. If successful, you will be able to have an irresistible soil brand in the market that will surely scope more profits for you. Add extra products To maximize gains, you may want to compliment your sand and soil supplies with other landscaping and gardening products. For example, a good soil complement is gravel. Apart from decreasing the effect of harmful UV rays on your sand, it can also be a decorative product for your clients.  A gravel cover also reduces your soil’s evaporation rate, thus increasing its water retention capability. Other extra products are pebbles, which are usually loved for their beauty and appearance. Like gravel, they also shield soil from harmful rays and offer decorative options at the same time. Befriend compost Believe it or not, compost is probably the best gift you can give your soil. Ordinarily, most people use pure sand and dry top soil to fill low spots, lawn ruts, or other gardening activities. However, it is advisable to add some compost to your sand supplies. Apart from increasing the soil’s fertility, compost would also give your sand that rich soil look, enabling you to offer your clients healthy and good looking soil at the same time. Offer mixes You can add that little extra touch to your supplies by sticking to soil mixtures. For example, instead of selling plain sand, you can combine it with clay to form sandy clay soil. Such a mix implies better water drainage and retention than if either soil types was alone and enables you to improve the quality of your soil without adding something too different. This improvement will in turn allow you to justifiably raise the price of your soil for increased gains. For more information, contact other landscaping services like Freds Lagoon Hardware, and ask about some of the additional services they...

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The advantages and disadvantages of using hebel wall systems

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Hebel is a material that extremely durable and versatile. It has gained a lot of traction in recent years on construction projects. While it has been used for many years throughout Europe, it is only in recent years that it has spread to Australia and New Zealand. It is often used instead of masonry materials such as stone and brick, as it is often more affordable and provides extra flexibility when it comes to design and versatility. It is made up of a mixture of a number of different materials such as lime, cement and sand. It is processed in such a way, using steaming methods, that it is extremely lightweight while still being solid and strong. This means that it can be easily used by workers and more effectively than other materials. This article will tell you more about the material.  Advantages Hebel is resistant to fire, so it is an ideal substance to use on properties and can often lower the insurance premiums when it comes to fire damage. As it is extremely lightweight and easy to cut, it lessens the amount of time workers need to spend preparing and installing it. This lowers the cost of labour as a result. It is a safer material to use than stone and concrete, as you are not dealing with large masses of heavy objects that need to be transferred using heavy machinery. Hebel is extremely flexible in its uses. It can be used for a wide range of uses such as for ceilings, walls, balconies and floors. It can also act as a load bearer if needed. Hebel is a very durable substance and can withstand harsh environments, whether it is extreme heat or cold. It is an environmentally friendly material, so you can look after the environment during the construction process. Hebel contains certain properties that make it a great insulator, meaning that you won’t have as high of an energy bill as the rooms will heat up quicker. Disadvantages The main disadvantages that come with using hebel are maintenance costs, shipping and lead times, as well as unforeseen costs. As it is still not as main stream as other materials such as stone and concrete, construction professionals such as architects and quantity surveyors may not be familiar with the product, making it harder to find a suitable candidate for the job. There are not as many suppliers or distributors of hebel compared with other materials, so you may run into supply problems and restrictions. Hebel needs to be regularly maintained to prevent any build up that has accumulated on an annual basis. For more information about hebel wall systems, contact a local building...

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How hydraulic ute cranes can help make your farm work easier

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Operating a farm is not an easy process, especially if you have little or no help. It is a tough business where you need to find the right balance between workers, management of finances, patience, a lot of machinery and a heavy work load. As you get older, the physical side of farming begins to take its toll. While you need to get your work done, it is important that you don’t suffer any injuries in the process. This could prevent you from doing any physical work for months. One of the most common forms of injury on a farm comes from improper lifting. There is a lot of technology on the market today that can help you with this problem. Perhaps the best is the ute crane. You can save time and energy by using a hydraulic ute crane. Here are just a few of the benefits. What is a hydraulic ute crane? They are small but extremely powerful machines thanks to the hydraulic features. They are invaluable in any farming environment as they are easy to use and transport. As they are relatively light, they are easy to install and operate. They are capable of lifting heavy loads and can condense down into a compact size, which allows for easy and efficient storage. Features The majority of ute cranes are made out of structural aluminium alloy, which allows for the light and compact design. Thanks to the anodized surface, they are extremely resistant to corrosion. They even come with a mounting system that is also made from structural aluminium alloy. This allows you to mount the crane on the tray of any range of machinery and vehicles. The crane is very affordable and is very safe to operate. As it contains no electric components, there is much less risk of it breaking down. Other considerations to keep in mind The number one thing you must keep in mind when operating the ute crane is to not exceed the lifting capacity. This helps avoid injury to the operator and damage to the crane. All the usual things you need to keep in mind when operating machinery comes into play. Always pay attention when operating it; do not make sudden or jerky movements when lifting something, only make smooth movements. Never leave the crane while it has a suspended load.  When purchasing the crane, ensure that the supplier gives you an extended warranty as well additional support. For more information, contact a professional business, such as Kevrek (Ricon) Australia Pty...

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